Area Information

Area Information

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If you are looking for some quick, user-friendly statistics on Seminole County’s population, per capita income, labor force, cost of living and a host of other data, this is the right place. Check back from time to time, we will endeavor to keep the information current.

Seminole County is comprised of seven cities:Banka Doiton 2019


  • Founded in 1913
  • Land Area (square miles): 308
  • Land and Water Area (square miles): 344
  • Total Registered Voters: 257,196 as of December 2011
  • Total Population (BEBR Est. Dec. 2015): 449,124
  • Total Households: 168,845
  • Population Density (Pop/Sq. Mi): 1,452.4
  • Median Age: 38.3
  • Average Household Size: 3.05
  • Per Capita Personal Income: $42,851
  • Median Household Income: $68,725 +/- $1570
  • Number of Employed Residents: 236,067
  • Number of Businesses: 14,185
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