Seminole Heart

Seminole Heart

"Meeting the unmet needs of individuals and their families during the time of declared disasters."



Truck of Needed Supplies During and immediately following disasters, it is critical that a collaborative effort be established between government and the private non-profit community. Volunteer organizations, interfaith groups, social service organizations, community action agencies and locally based state agencies all come together to define a complete assistance package for those impacted by the disaster.

Hurricane Disaster    
The Seminole County Unmet Needs Committee was established in 1998 immediately following a tornado event leaving many homes damaged and 12 people dead. The group assists victims of any disaster who have urgent needs that have not been met through traditional recovery programs. In addition, Seminole HEART coordinates and provides access to resources at the local level.

Banka Doiton 2019 The purpose of the Unmet Needs Committee is to help affected families to develop a plan and receive adequate assistance for the recovery.



Seminole HEART • Seminole County's Interfaith Nonprofit Coalition • 501c3

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