Stay Informed

Stay Informed


Alert Seminole is a FREE electronic notification system, which will notify your cell phone, pager or other text message enabled device when there is a Seminole County emergency. Go to Alert Seminole to register your electronic device and e-mail address for this valuable service.



NOAA weather radios broadcast weather information, warnings, watches, forecasts and other hazard information 24-hours a day. NOAA weather radios should be an essential part of your home or business emergency kit. To get Seminole County information, enter code number 012117 when programming your radio.Banka Doiton 2019

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SHELTER BASICSBanka Doiton 2019

Depending on the disaster event, your plan of action may change. You may seek shelter in your home, a County-provided shelter or you may have to evacuate the area.
Listen for the latest information to locate the nearest open shelter. Space may be limited, so take only essential items.
Seminole County Special Needs Shelters are available for those who have medical conditions that require attention. You must pre-register. To confirm space at a Special Needs Shelter, call 407-665-5102. People who require dedicated 24-hour nursing care or a hospital bed should make prior arrangements with a physician, caregiver or home health care agency.
The County also provides a combined Special Needs/Pet-Friendly Shelter, as well as one other Pet-Friendly shelter. Please refer to the Shelter Information section of this website.
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Banka Doiton 2019


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