Building Division Contacts

The Building Division has a new phone queue to assist you in getting to the team member best suited to respond to your questions.

Building Division's main number: 407-665-7050

Banka Doiton 2019Then select one of the options from the list below and follow the prompts to be transferred to our team.

Option 1 – For inspections requests

Option 2 – For plan review or code questions

Option 3 – For ePlan permitting and questions

Banka Doiton 2019Option 4 – For contractor licensing questions

Option 5 – For expired permits, public records, code violations and unpermitted construction complaints

Option 6 – For Planning and Development questions including zoning, required setbacks, arbor, lot research requests, Engineering, Drainage, right of way and driveway questions

Option 7 – For Flood Plain questions

Option 8 – For Owner-Builder permitting and other general permitting questions

Or email your questions to:  

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