Reclaimed Water


Residential Reclaimed Water Program

Each Residential Reclaimed Retrofit Program consists of three main components: transmission mains, distribution lines and meters.  Reclaimed water transmission mains are large underground pipes that bring reclaimed water from the County's water reclamation facilities to the vicinity of the neighborhoods selected to receive reclaimed water service. Distribution lines bring the reclaimed water from the transmission mains to the property boundary of the individual homes.  A reclaimed water meter that measures the amount of reclaimed water used will be installed at each property.  Other project components will include piping, storage and augmentation facilities; however these will not be located near any neighborhoods.

Whenever feasible, pipelines will be installed using directional drilling instead of using an open cut (trench digging) method. This will minimize damage to sidewalks, driveways and roads. Any areas damaged during construction, whether in public areas or on private property, will be restored to their original condition.Banka Doiton 2019

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