Reclaimed Water


Residential Reclaimed Water Program

Reclaimed water is the final product of a multiple-stage, advanced wastewater treatment program. It is continually treated, monitored and tested to ensure that it meets the requirements of the .

It is safe to use reclaimed water for irrigating lawns and landscape, as well as fruit trees and gardens containing edible foods that will be peeled or cooked before serving.
The state has currently prohibited the use of reclaimed water for the following purposes:

  • Drinking
  • Filling swimming pools, wading pools or hot tubs
  • Connecting to a dwelling for toilet flushing or other household use
  • Interconnecting with your drinking water pipeline
  • Recreational activities in which the water comes in contact with your skin, such as playing in the sprinklers
  • Washing pets, equipment, structures, driveways or vehicles
  • Connection to an above ground hose bibb

The reclaimed water will be delivered to residents through an underground distribution system entirely separate from the drinking water system. It will not be connected in any way to the potable (drinking water) system. All reclaimed water pipe and fixtures, as well as the reclaimed meter box at your property, will use the standard lavender (light purple) color that designates reclaimed water, distinguishing it from the potable water system. In addition, a sign will be placed at neighborhood entrances indicating that reclaimed water is in use.

As an added safety precaution, a backflow prevention device is required to be installed on your drinking water meter to prevent the reclaimed water from getting into the public drinking water system in the unlikely event that someone inadvertently connects a pipe between the two systems on your property. The County is required by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to conduct yearly safety inspections to ensure that there are no cross connections with the potable water system on your property. In addition, an annual test of backflow prevention devices will be required and parts replaced as needed.

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