Solid Waste Management

Litter Prevention


An important part of solid waste management is keeping waste in its place. If it's trash, put it in the trash can. If it's recyclable, put it in the recycling bin. Don't drop items on the ground or in the water. Items not disposed of properly are LITTER! Litter decreases property values, degrades natural areas, land and water, degrades stormwater systems leading to blocked inlets and flooding, increases costs of public services to provide roadside and community cleanups, harms wildlife -animals mistake litter for food and choke on it. Litter can get entangled around their necks or limbs. Litter also leads to Crime. Once an area is littered, it is a signal to criminals that the residents of this area do not care what happens in their neighborhood.

Always care about your community, it is where you live, help keep it looking its best. It takes a lot of money and resources to clean up after litter. Once you start littering, others will do the same and it continues to get worse. Never think that just one piece of litter does not matter. You are one of many in your community. Just take a look at any intersection. One person threw one cigarette butt on the ground. It all adds up. If you see someone littering, ask that person to stop. If you see something on the ground or in the water, pick it up.

Illegal dumping is littering in the extreme. Contractors or residents try to cut costs by disposing of large items or large loads of items in wooded or rural areas, on both public and private property. If you ever witness someone illegal dumping, call 911. Without putting yourself at risk, get the tag number on the vehicle.

The cost for disposal of solid waste is not as high as the cost of citations, legal fees, court costs and the potential loss of property. In unincorporated Seminole County, your solid waste fees cover the cost of disposal of large items such as furniture and appliances. And, they will be picked up at the curb in front of your home! Why go out of your way? Click here Curbside Collection and Service Requirements for more information.


Why we got Together

  • Recognized that many agencies were working on the ongoing problem of cleaning up litter throughout the County.
  • Recognized that enormous resources were spent dealing with this problem; money, labor, equipment, etc.
  • Recognized that the quality of life in the county was suffering as a result.

What we have done

  • FishingEstablished a working group of committee members consisting of several County departments, Sheriffs office and the Florida DOT.
  • Created a Mission: To reduce the amount of litter and illegal dumping in Seminole County by empowering individuals to revitalize and improve the appearance of their community through education, enforcement and direct assistance.
  • Purchased a boat for the Sheriffs Office to aid in the prevention and enforcement of illegal dumping on our County waterways (purchased with Solid Waste Management Division grant funds)
  • Funded an Environmental Deputy to aid in the prevention and enforcement of illegal dumping in the County (funded with Solid Waste Management Division grant funds)
  • Organized and/or coordinated several Community Cleanups. Provided educational assistance, attended local association meetings, provided labor and funds for all phases of the cleanups including solid waste collection services and disposal fees.
  • Purchased new tarp systems for County transfer trailers to eliminate litter from County vehicles.

Future Plans

  • See the success of our Mission.
  • Continue meetings and develop relationships with businesses and business associations, chamber of commerce, to obtain their support in achieving our Mission.
  • Develop a Litter Prevention Campaign consisting of:
  1. Create an identity and message that would be carried out on all County public information and public contact.
  2. Create an identity and message that would be delivered by private businesses, churches, etc. on literature and signage
  3. Multimedia campaign spreading message through newspaper, T.V., radio, internet, billboards, travel and tourism, utility bills and taxes, mail-outs, economic development, private business communications
  4. Increase number of roads and highways "Adopted" through Adopt-A-Road Program
  5. Establish Adopt a Waterway/Shore

Why we want to do this

  • Improve the Quality of Life in Seminole County
  • Improve natural areas, land and water
  • Improve stormwater systems
  • Increase property values
  • Reduce cleanup costs
  • Improve wildlife habitat
  • Improve aesthetics
  • Increase Economic Development

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