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Utility Maintenance

Water Main BreakThe delivery of a good product or service in the utility business is partially dependent on properly functioning equipment and well maintained water/sewer lines. One of the most important jobs of the maintenance crew is the repair of broken water, wastewater or reclaimed water lines.  Preventative maintenance of lift stations ensures that wastewater flows to the treatment plant. Repair and preventative maintenance of water treatment equipment helps ensure delivery of high quality drinking water.

Numerous other activities include: monitoring the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (S.C.A.D.A.), locating underground utility lines before contractors dig, unplugging and cleaning wastewater collection lines, and repair and maintenance of pumps and other equipment. Presently, the maintenance personnel have the task of maintaining 350 miles of sanitary sewer lines, 550 miles of water lines, 256 lift stations, 9 water treatment plants, 2 reclaimed water pumping facilities and 2 wastewater treatment plants.

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