Lake Jesup Wilderness Area

5951 S. Sanford Ave

Sanford, FL

Phone: 407-665-2211

Fax: 407-665-2215

Hours of Operation: Open Dawn to Dusk

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Recreation Opportunities
Fishing  Hiking  Horseback Riding  Pets Allowed on Leash  Wildlife Viewing

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The Lake Jesup Wilderness Area is currently closed due to high water levels which prevents regular maintenance of the trails. 

This site will be re-opened once the water levels recede and regular maintenance can resume

The Lake Jesup Wilderness Area is an approximately 490 acre site located on the north shore of Lake Jesup west of State Road 417. The property was purchased for the purpose of preserving significant habitat to aid in the restoration of Lake Jesup. Visitors can walk, ride their horse, or mountain bike on the approximately 3 miles of trails to get a first hand look at the extensive flood plain of this lake and the countless species of wildlife that live here. The majority of trails cross floodplain marsh and hydric hammock, where users might observe species such as the Anhinga, Bald Eagle, Florida Box Turtle and the American Alligator. The trails on this property may be seasonally flooded.Banka Doiton 2019

Natural Lands Program
Land Management Plan
Lake Jesup Wilderness Area Brochure

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